WATCH: Gov. Reynolds of Iowa Meets Face to Face with People Incarcerated at a Maximum Security Facility

November 3, 2017

Kim Reynolds is no stranger to second chances. Having previously overcome an alcohol addiction that led to two DUIs and a night in jail, Reynolds went on to raise three children, earn her bachelor’s degree at age 57, and serve as Iowa’s first female governor.

In October 2017, Governor Reynolds stepped into the Anamosa State Penitentiary (ASP), a maximum-security prison, where she met with men who are now working toward their own second chances.

“It is not about just housing guys here, it’s not about punishing them,” said William Sperfslage, ASP’s warden. “They’re here, we’ve got some time together, so let’s use it productively and get some skills, get that education in place, so that when they are ready to go back out, we have given them a reasonable chance of succeeding.”

Following their tour, Reynolds, Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg, and Iowa Department of Corrections Director Jerry Bartruff led a roundtable discussion with state legislators, state agency leaders, local business leaders, and current and graduate apprentices.

“If we can begin to address the barriers and break those down … [we can release] the kind of citizens and neighbors that we all would like to have,” Bartruff said.

Face to Face: Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds
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