Gov. Evers Asks How Wisconsin Can Support People on Supervision

January 29, 2020

Community supervision violations account for more than 12,000 people entering Wisconsin prisons each day, costing the state $451 million annually. Gov. Tony Evers wanted to learn more about the challenges that people on supervision face, so he went straight to the source—a local office of the Division of Community Corrections.

At the region 3 office in Glendale, the governor held a listening session with seven men who are currently on supervision. The men shared details about their individual experiences, and Gov. Evers asked them for feedback on how the state’s corrections department could help equip them for success. The governor also sat down for a conversation with two supervision agents, learning more about their day-to-day tasks and how he could better support them in their positions.

Watch the video of his visit, arranged through the Face to Face initiative and produced with support from Arnold Ventures.

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