New Policy Framework Could Help States Improve Supervision

April 23, 2020

A new policy framework from The Pew Charitable Trusts outlines policies that state officials can implement to reshape probation and parole into a tool that reduces incarceration instead of driving it.

Pew, in partnership with Arnold Ventures, established an Advisory Council on Community Supervision to develop a policy framework for state legislators, court officers, and community corrections personnel. Their recommendations are broken down into seven broad objectives:

  • Enact alternatives to arrest, incarceration, and supervision.
  • Implement evidence-based policies centered on risks and needs.
  • Adopt shorter supervision sentences and focus on goals and incentives.
  • Establish effective and appropriate supervision conditions.
  • Develop individualized conditions for payment of legal financial obligations.
  • Reduce use of and pathways to incarceration.
  • Support community supervision agencies.

Explore these objectives and the overall framework.

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