How Telehealth Connects People to Treatment During COVID-19

August 25, 2020

As telehealth expands, communities across the country are looking for information on how best to facilitate connections to care for people with serious mental illnesses being discharged from jail. During COVID-19, telehealth or telemedicine has become an essential practice for connecting people with mental illnesses from jails to psychiatric treatment and other services. For more information, please watch our recent webinar hosted by the Stepping Up partners on increasing connections to care with telehealth and other strategies.

About the Author

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Ju Young Lee
Senior Public Affairs Manager, Communications and External Affairs
Ju Young Lee worked with the External Affairs team to help manage and promote the organization’s key strategic initiatives and external relationships. Prior to joining the CSG Justice Center, Ju held positions at several New York public relations agencies where
he represented a variety of health care, advocacy, and corporate clients. He holds a BA in history from the University of Florida.
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