A Year Later: Honoring First Responders on the Anniversary of January 6

January 6, 2022

One of the benefits of my role is that I am privileged to meet many first responders, from all over the country, who are unified by their commitment and capacity to respond to tragedy with selflessness. Today, my thoughts are with those who responded to the unprecedented breach of the United States Capitol building on January 6, 2021, and put their own lives on the line to protect members of Congress, their staffs, and the other employees who support the vast operations of the legislative branch.

At The Council of State Governments Justice Center, we honor those who serve—that day and every day. And we remember those law enforcement professionals who we lost; people who never recovered from the deep physical and mental wounds of January 6th. We know that their loved ones are grieving today, and we hold them close in our hearts and minds.

Their acts of heroism will not be forgotten.

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Megan Quattlebaum
As director of the CSG Justice Center, Megan Quattlebaum leads a staff of approximately 120 who work across an array of specialties that span the criminal justice continuum to develop research-driven strategies to increase public safety and strengthen communities. Before
joining the organization, Megan most recently served as a research scholar in law and the program director of the Justice Collaboratory at the Yale Law School, where she taught as well as developed and oversaw research projects and led the organization’s work on behalf of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice. She was also the Senior Liman Fellow in Residence for the Arthur Liman Center for Public Interest Law and served as a lecturer in law at Columbia Law School. Additionally, she has served as a practicing criminal and civil defense attorney with Zuckerman Spaeder LLP in New York and an Arthur Liman Public Interest Fellow and attorney at the Neighborhood Legal Services Association in Pittsburgh. She also clerked for the Hon. Julio M. Fuentes of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. She received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College and her JD from the Yale Law School.
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