About the CSG Justice Center

Our Mission

The Council of State Governments Justice Center provides practical, nonpartisan, research-driven strategies and tools to increase public safety and strengthen communities.

Who We Are

The CSG Justice Center comprises approximately 120 employees based in offices that span three time zones. Our professional backgrounds vary extensively, with decades of experience in law enforcement, community corrections, court administration, housing, mental health and addiction services, state prisons, local jails, juvenile justice, law, education, workforce development and victim advocacy. Staff here have served governors, state legislators and members of Congress on both sides of the political spectrum. What bonds us together is a shared commitment to our mission, to a common set of values, and to the national, bipartisan Board of Directors that guides our work.

The Work We Do

Our in-depth data analyses, coupled with extensive interviews of people on the front lines of criminal justice, inform recommendations designed for a particular state or county seeking to improve its justice system. Original, groundbreaking research we conduct prompts new national initiatives. The on-the-ground training and assistance we provide helps local and state agencies translate the latest research into policy and practice. Our national and state-level convenings bring together colleagues from across the country to share their successes and challenges with the most pressing and complex issues facing the justice system today. And, briefings we provide to top officials in Congress and the federal government result in legislation that enjoys broad, bipartisan support.

Our Supporters

The work of the CSG Justice Center is made possible through the generous support of a diverse collection of sources. Over the past three decades, we have received significant federal funding from the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That support has spanned four administrations and reflects deep bipartisan support in Congress for the issue areas on which we focus. Dozens of private foundations—local, regional, and national in focus—have also awarded grants to the CSG Justice Center. In addition, the private sector, such as companies working in health, telecommunications, and banking, have contributed financial support to our organization. A growing number of state governments (such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and Georgia) and local governments (such as Seattle, Harris County, TX, and Baltimore County, MD) contract with the CSG Justice Center for an array of services. Click here to see a full list of our past and present funders.

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