Applying a Stepping Up Lens to Homelessness: Assessing and Collaborating for Diversion and Reentry

Upcoming Event
June 24, 2021, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Eastern

Presented by the Pennsylvania Stepping Up Technical Assistance Center which is funded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) with support from the van Ameringen Foundation

Finding housing is often a challenge for people leaving jails, particularly people with mental illness who experience higher rates of homelessness compared to the general population and often come back into contact with corrections, police, emergency rooms, psychiatric institutions, and shelters. The first session in this virtual training will address how counties can screen and assess people for housing risk and track homelessness information to help quickly link individuals to the appropriate services and collect data to inform the scale of needed services. The second session will address how communities can build or expand collaborations across sectors to leverage housing funding most effectively.

Each session will include community presentations and a breakout group discussion. Stepping Up county teams interested in attending are encouraged to invite their housing, IT, health providers, and any other relevant partners to participate.


  • Thomas Coyne, Senior Policy Analyst, Behavioral Health, CSG Justice Center
  • Charley Francis, Project Manager, Behavioral Health, CSG Justice Center
  • Gretchen Frank, Senior Policy Analyst, Behavioral Health, CSG Justice Center (moderator) 
  • James Himsworth, Director, PACE Mentoring Partners
  • Cindy Ison, COVA (Center of Vocational Alternatives/ Southeast, Inc.)
  • Alyssa Koricke, Lorain County Sheriff’s Office
  • Kassie Neff, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office
  • Christine Simiriglia, Pathways to Housing Pennsylvania
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