Idaho Gov. Brad Little Speaks with Women Preparing to Leave Prison

January 14, 2020

Idaho Gov. Brad Little considers himself to be a businessperson who prioritizes a solid return on investment. During a recent visit to the East Boise Community Reentry Center, a minimum-security women’s facility in Boise, ID, he saw firsthand the real-life benefits of making investments in people who are incarcerated as they prepare to reenter their community.

There, the governor met with women nearing the end of their prison terms—as well as people who have successfully returned to their communities—to gain insight on how Idaho can better prepare people for life after incarceration. He spoke with women who are able to work in their local community, visit more frequently with their families, and access programming that lets them establish their footing before being released from the corrections system. Following his visit, the governor was convinced the corrections system needs to do more to aid the transition from prison to the community.

Watch the video of his visit, arranged through the Face to Face initiative and produced with support from Arnold Ventures.

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