Contact Mental Health Staff

The Council of State Governments Justice Center is a policy organization that offers non-partisan recommendations and consensus-driven strategies to local, state, and federal governments on criminal justice issues.

Inquiries about the Behavioral Health Division or other CSG Justice Center mental health-related work can be directed to:
The Council of State Governments Justice Center
22 Cortlandt St., 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 482-2320
Fax: (212) 482-2344

Behavioral Health Division management team:
Alex Blandford, Program Director
Ayesha Delany-Brumsey, Division Director
Hallie Fader-Towe, Program Director
Kati Habert, Deputy Program Director
Risë Haneberg, Deputy Division Director
Terence Lynn, Deputy Division Director, Law Enforcement
Sarah Wurzburg, Deputy Program Director

The Behavioral Health Division does not provide direct services, legal services, or legal advice.