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Mental Health Is ‘No. 1′ Issue Facing Texas, U.S. Jails

Hundreds of law enforcement professionals from across the U.S. raised their hands to answer a simple question on Monday: “How many in this group (have) a story – either personal or (professional) – about confronting somebody with a mental health problem?” National Sheriff’s Association Director Jonathan Thompson asked.

Leader Spotlight: Dr. Tony Fabelo

Dr. Tony Fabelo is the Director of the Research Division of The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center and is helping provide the momentum needed to make necessary changes in the justice system for individuals with mental illness. Working from the Austin office of the CSG Justice Center, he provides technical assistance to state and local governments to help make more efficient use of state and local taxpayer dollars.

Senate Looks at Diversion Programs After Bland Death

“It seems that there was an issue with the follow-through on the initial assessment,” said Dr. Tony Fabelo, director of research for the Council of State Governments Justice Center. Fabelo led off testimony before the first hearing of the Texas Senate Committee on Criminal Justice into ways to prevent future jail suicides.

Bexar County Awarded Grant to Provide Attorneys to People with Mental Illnesses

Bexar County Awarded Grant to Provide Attorneys to People with Mental Illnesses

The Texas Indigent Defense Commission—chaired by Sharon Keller, presiding judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals—unanimously approved a $600,000 grant to be dispersed over four years for the Bexar County (San Antonio) Public Defender’s Office to provide attorneys at the initial court hearings of people who are indigent and have mental illnesses.

San Antonio, Where Policing the Mentally Ill Means Treating Them

The San Antonio police’s strategy for responding to calls involving people who are mentally ill is being hailed as a national model amid rising anger over police brutality toward and high incarceration rates of people with mental health issues.

NACo, CSG Target Mental Health in Jail

The effort, dubbed “Stepping Up: A National Initiative to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails,” follows the rise in the number of people with mental disorders booked into local jails, now estimated to top two million annually.