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Anne L. Precythe

Director, Missouri Department of Corrections

Anne L. Precythe became the director of the Missouri Department of Corrections in 2017. In this role, Precythe is responsible for 21 adult correctional facilities, 6 community supervision centers, a community release center, and more than 40 probation and parole offices across Missouri. She oversees more than 11,000 staff, 58,000 people on probation and parole, and 33,000 incarcerated people. Before becoming the second woman to serve as director of the department, Precythe was the director of the Division of Community Corrections in the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, where she served from March 2013 to December 2016. Previously, Precythe served as the North Carolina Division of Community Corrections Supervision Services administrator. In 2015, she was appointed by United States Attorney Eric Holder to the National Institute of Corrections Advisory Board, representing community corrections across the country.

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