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Lynn Beshear

Commissioner, Alabama Department of Mental Health

Lynn T. Beshear was appointed commissioner of the Alabama Department of Mental Health on July 10, 2017, by Governor Kay Ivey. Commissioner Beshear—who began her career as a nurse—has served on the boards of directors of several groups and councils, including the American Heart Association, Helping Montgomery Families Initiative, the Joint Public Charity Hospital Board, Medical AIDS Outreach Advisory Board, and more. In addition to these roles, Commissioner Beshear was part of the team that founded the Montgomery Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Also, notably, Commissioner Beshear was the executive director from October 2000 through July 2017 of Envision 2020, a community-driven strategic planning effort involving citizens and leaders in the central Alabama counties designed to develop 25 shared goals related to the quality of life through the use of active partnerships.

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