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Sephria Reynolds-Tanner

Policy Analyst, State Initiatives

Sephria Reynolds-Tanner supports the National Guidelines for Post-Conviction Risk and Needs Assessment project in a variety of ways, including providing technical assistance to jurisdictions that are adopting the guidelines. Previously, Sephria worked as a probation officer at Spokane County District Court in Washington State and as a community corrections officer for various field offices throughout the state. She was the presenting community corrections officer for all violation hearings in Spokane; she also administered assessments and counseled clients about community resources. Additionally, Sephria served as a paralegal and as the administration/legal department head as yeoman second-class petty officer (E-5) for the United States Navy. Sephria holds a BA in justice with a minor in anthropology from the University of Alaska Anchorage and is currently pursuing an MA in criminal justice at Seattle University.

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