State, Local, and Tribal Reentry Courts

This grant program provided funding for the development and enhancement of court programs and specialized reentry court dockets that included comprehensive services for people returning to their communities from incarceration in order to increase accountability and lower overall recidivism. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) administered the awards.

Objectives and Deliverables

The goals of grantees funded through this program included:

  • Collaboration across agencies and systems, including mental health and substance use treatment providers, prosecutors, nonprofit organizations, and law enforcement;
  • Engagement with target populations to increase program retention, enhance community support, and respond with appropriate services before release, including the treatment of mental illnesses and substance use disorders and assistance with housing, education, and employment; and
  • Development of tailored pre- and post-release programming to address individual criminogenic needs that affect the risk of recidivism.

For more information, see the most recent BJA grant solicitation from 2011.

Past Grantees

BJA awarded a total of 12 grants for reentry court programs: 9 in 2010 and 3 in 2011.

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