Money Matters and Reentry: An Overview of a Financial Literacy Toolkit for Practitioners

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During this webinar, experts provide an overview of Your Money, Your Goals, an easy-to-use toolkit designed to help organizations improve the financial literacy of clients who are identified as low-income or vulnerable, including those who are returning to the community from incarceration. Your Money, Your Goals includes modules and tools on credit reports, debt management and debt collection, bill prioritization, identity protection, how to submit a complaint about financial products and services, and more.

This webinar is intended for reentry and social service program administrators, educators, case managers, staff trainers, and those interested in financial literacy.


  • Mary Griffin, senior advisor, Office of Financial Empowerment, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Patricia Avery, program speciaCenterlist, Office of Financial Empowerment, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


  • Angela Tolosa, deputy program director, Reentry, Council of State Governments Justice

NOTE: On April 21, 2015 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that consumers will have access to credit scores and reports through nonprofit counselors. To read a related article, click here.