WATCH: Gov. Greitens Meets Face to Face with Corrections Officers at Missouri Facility

August 14, 2017

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens paid a visit to the Jefferson City Correctional Center, where he accompanied corrections officers through their day-to-day tasks—conducting cell checks for contraband, serving lunch through cell doors, and observing the maximum-security prison’s surveillance equipment.

Greitens concluded his day at the facility by talking with two corrections officers about their experiences on the job. Both officers mentioned the emotional stresses of their work, the “tough skin” one must maintain while on duty, and how they lean on each other for support.

The governor’s Face to Face visit followed his establishment of the bipartisan, interbranch Missouri Justice Reinvestment Task Force in June 2017. This coalition worked with The Council of State Governments Justice Center to develop system improvements to reduce violent crime, increase community-based treatment for people with substance addictions, and support victims of crime. Many of the improvements identified through this process were translated into legislation that Greitens signed in June 2018.

Face to Face: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens
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