‘It’s Causing A Lot of Stress’: How Reentry Professionals are Navigating the Pandemic

From her time in prison to her years helping others reenter society in Pennsylvania, Marsha Banks has experienced the criminal justice system in a lot of different ways. But with the COVID-19 outbreak, the challenges facing people returning from prison or jail and the community-based providers trying to support their transition has never been more difficult.

Banks is the founder and executive director of Amiracle4sure, Inc., a Harrisburg-based ministry offering a variety of reentry services to people leaving incarceration. In the video below, she discusses how she’s helping her clients navigate the crisis, the challenges her organization faces providing remote support, and the reality check she received while applying for a federal emergency loan.

An Interview with Marsha Banks

Editor’s Note: For the latest coronavirus-related content from The Council of State Governments Justice Center, visit our new project page dedicated to COVID-19 and its impact on the criminal justice system.


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Marsha R. Curry-Nixon
Founder, Executive Director, Amiracle4sure, Inc., Reentry Services, PA
Marsha R. Curry-Nixon is the founder and executive director of Amiracle4sure, Inc., a ministry focused on renewing, refreshing, and restoring the lives of people reentering the community after incarceration. Her work as an educator, counselor, and mentor has brought her
to prisons, rehabilitation facilities, and churches with the intention of educating communities on the needs of this population. Curry-Nixon sits on the executive board for the Capital Region Ex-Offenders Coalition, is an advisory board member for Correctional Ministries Chaplains Association, and is a trainer and facilitator for Healing Communities of PA. She earned her associate degree at Harrisburg Area Community College, her bachelor’s at Lebanon Valley College, and an MA in public service leadership.
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Michael Clark
Former Director, Communications and External Affairs
Michael Clark led the CSG Justice Center’s strategic communications efforts, including the execution of media-related strategies, the development of publications, and the coordination of its digital properties. In addition, he played a leadership role in the organization’s national campaigns, as
well as oversaw its Government Affairs operation and manages key external partnerships. Mike previously managed the CSG Justice Center’s public relations. Prior to joining the CSG Justice Center, Mike worked as a journalist for The Hartford Courant, The Press of Atlantic City, and The New York Post, covering a wide range of issues including state and local government and politics, public safety, tourism, and business. He later transitioned into public relations, serving in management positions at two New York PR agencies and representing a variety of companies and nonprofit organizations. He holds a BA in journalism from the University of Connecticut.
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