State Officials
Elected and appointed state officials across all three branches of government trust us to provide them with nonpartisan, data-driven guidance and assistance.
Local Leaders
Leaders of local law enforcement, jails, and courts rely on us for information and advice about best practices being adopted across the country. We recognize that successful criminal justice policy requires substantial collaboration between state and local governments, and we work to foster such partnerships.
Federal Representatives
We advise federal elected and appointed officials on both sides of the aisle to advance support for criminal justice improvements and investments. Our partnerships have spanned various members of Congress, as well as the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations.
Justice Professionals 
The reentry and behavioral health services provided by front-line agency staff and community organizations are essential to improving the outcomes of people in the justice system. We offer technical assistance to ensure these professionals are connected with their peers and have the latest research to make informed decisions.

Impacted People
We amplify the voices of people who have intersected with the local, state, or federal criminal justice systems, creating pathways for their experiences to be seen and heard by decision-makers.