Webinar Archive: Mental Health Screening and Assessment in Juvenile Justice: How to Do It

The webinar, held on June 30th, described the purpose, process, and implementation of mental health screening for youth entering juvenile justice settings. The presentation included a description of behavioral health problems among youth and their prevalence among those entering juvenile justice programs, and explained the importance of mental health screening for juvenile justice programs. The presentation outlined simple and effective methods for doing both screening and assessment at various entry points into the juvenile justice system. A focus of the presentation was on selecting methods that have been well-researched for their value and feasibility. The webinar also showcased “10 steps” that have proven to be necessary for effective implementation of mental health screening in juvenile justice settings. Finally, there was a question and answer session with the presenter, Dr. Thomas Grisso.

Click here to listen to the webinar and click on the Juvenile Screening and Assessment link below to download the slides.