Staffing for Success

Establishing Core Competencies and Training Supports for Corrections and Community Supervision Staff

Staffing for Success: Establishing Core Competencies and Training Supports for Corrections and Community Supervision Staff

Informed by research, many corrections and community supervision agencies are shifting from focusing solely on containment and control to recognizing rehabilitation and recidivism reduction as core responsibilities. This shift requires a new set of considerations for staff recruitment, retention, and development so that staff and leadership have the appropriate skills to respond to the broad range of needs that may impact the likelihood that a person will reoffend. This resource was developed in partnership with the Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC) to help corrections and community supervision agencies hire and prepare staff to provide effective reentry support. It features an adaptation of a matrix used by IDOC and examples of some of their related materials, such as a performance evaluation.

Dr. Beth Skinner, Director of Iowa Department of Corrections, and Stephanie Joson | December 2020 | The Council of State Governments Justice Center


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Stephanie Joson
Program Director, Corrections and Reentry
Stephanie Joson oversees the Corrections and Reentry Division’s efforts with the Communications and External Affairs division to promote reentry policy and practice through the organization’s website, publications, newsletters, and outreach. She also manages and supports grant writing, reporting, and compliance.
Prior to joining the CSG Justice Center, Stephanie worked at an art gallery, writing press releases and managing the archives and requests for rights and reproductions. She received a BA from Fordham University and an MPA from the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College.
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