Second Chance Act Grant Program

Federally funded resources for state and local efforts to improve reentry outcomes.

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The Cost of Recidivism:

This infographic details national and state estimates on money spent to incarcerate people for supervision violations and revocations…

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Denver Star photo
Denver, CO

Denver Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) – Denver, CO…

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Explainer: Creating Housing Opportunities for People with Complex Health Needs Leaving Incarceration

With an affordable housing crisis across the U.S., it is increasingly critical for jurisdictions to expand their…

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Embedding Clinicians in the Criminal Justice System

This brief highlights ways that embedded clinicians can support mental health and criminal justice collaborations at various points…

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Action Points: Four Steps to Expand Access to Housing for People in the Justice System with Behavioral Health Needs

This brief presents four steps state leaders should take to increase housing opportunities and improve justice and health…

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