Jail Reentry Program (Boulder County, CO)

Boulder County Behavioral Health Assistance Program

At A Glance

Jurisdiction: Boulder County, Colorado, 20th Judicial District 

Program Intercept Point: Jail reentry program  

Population Served: Adults leaving jail with moderate to severe behavioral health needs  


Program Summary

Boulder County’s Community Services Department’s Behavioral Health Assistance Program is a jail reentry program that provides intensive, long-term support to people in the justice system who have severe and persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders. 

Pearl Street and the Front Range Boulder in Colorado

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Program Highlights

  • Offers long-term, intensive case management for people with behavioral health needs who are exiting the Boulder County jail.  
  • Is a collaborative program between Boulder County’s Community Justice Services division and the local community mental health agency, Mental Health Partners.  
    • Mental Health Partners provides two staff positions to be embedded within the Behavioral Health Assistance Program team and provides treatment and support services to participants.  
    • Mental Health Partners also provides speedy access to a psychiatric prescriber, medication management, and MAT services for program participants.  
  • Centered around increasing participant connections to resources to improve their social determinants of health.

Website: Boulder County Behavioral Health Assistance Program 


Kristen Compston, LCSW, LAC  
Grant Programs Coordinator   
Boulder County, Community Justice Services  
(303) 441-4697 (office)  
(720) 830-6318 (cell) 

Nathan Thorn   
Program Manager  
Jail Behavioral Health    
Community Justice Services-Community Services Department  
(303) 441-4623