Jail-Based Diversion (Waco, TX)

Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network’s Behavioral Health Justice Center Division

At A Glance

Jurisdiction: Waco, Texas and surrounding areas 

Program Intercept Point: Jail-based diversion  

Populations Served: individuals and families coping with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, developmental delays, and emotional conflict 

Program Summary

As the local mental health authority for the Heart of Texas region, the Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network (HOTBHN) is charged with providing community mental health services to the local population, including for Medicaid recipients, people who are insured, uninsured, and those who are unable to pay for services. HOTBHN also created the Behavioral Health Justice Center, a dedicated division that administers behavioral health programming within the correctional facilities in their jurisdiction. 


Program Highlights

  • HOTBHN serves over 1000 justice-involved clients across 6 counties every year.  
  • Jail diversion program features mental health clinicians who conduct mental health screenings and work with judicial partners across all jails within the HOTBHN catchment area.  
    • Links people to behavioral health care inside of the jail and works closely with judicial stakeholders to secure diversion and positive behavioral health and justice outcomes.  
  • Operates a program that deploys a mental health deputy with a mental health clinician using a ride-along model to bring behavioral health treatment to identified individuals in the rural communities with the goal of reducing recidivism and crisis resource involvement. 
  • Provides outpatient competency restoration services.

Website: Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network 


Daniel Thompson
Executive Director
(254) 752-3451

Ron Kimbell
Division Director
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Tom Christian
Grants and Special Projects
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