Prison Mental Health Program (Gig Harbor, WA)

Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) Mental Health Program

At A Glance

Jurisdiction: Gig Harbor, Washington  

Program Intercept: Prison Mental Health Program  

Population Served:  Women in prison with histories of trauma, mental illness, and substance use disorders  


Program Summary

The WCCW Mental Health Program helps women recover from trauma, mental illness, and substance use disorders, so they can leave prison and positively reengage in the community as neighbors and family members. This is done through a multifaceted approach that prioritizes evidence-based trauma therapy and treatment outcomes.

Gig Harbor, WA

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Program Highlights

  • Provides evidence-based trauma therapy interventions during a unique intercept point.  
  • Provides evidence-based trauma therapy as a priority service, including Cognitive Processing Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Survivors Healing Abuse: Recovery through Exposure (SHARE), Prolonged Exposure, and Written Exposure Therapy.   
  • Evaluates program and staff development using trauma-informed models (i.e., from the Department of Health and Human Services, decreasing stigma workshops). 
  • Applies equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect values to all work by inviting client review of services, making a physical and supportive environment through inclusive artwork and program materials, and actively striving to recruit a staff that mirrors the diversity of the client population. 
  • Partners with internal and external stakeholders for Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved research and evidence-based training. 
  • Provides peer support for clients.   

Website: Washington State Department of Corrections 


Rain Carei, Ph.D.  
Psychologist 4  
Washington Corrections Center For Women  
(253) 858-4624 (office)  
Email: rcarei@DOC1.WA.GOV 

Lauren Brodie, Psy.D.  
Psychologist 4  
Washington Corrections Center for Women  
DOC Cell: (253) 313-3457 
Office: (253) 858-4224