University of Florida Police Department

At A Glance

Map of Florida with a star over the University of FloridaTotal number of agency personnel: 135
Sworn: 88
Civilian: 47

Total population served: 80,000 (students, staff, faculty, and visitors)

Jurisdiction: University of Florida

Program Highlights

  • Coordinates among many campus entities involved with student and faculty wellness
  • Features on-site support during incidents with trained university officers and crisis intervention consultants
  • Provides comprehensive training, including:
    • Intensive 40-hour mental health and crisis intervention team (CIT) training for all sworn officers
    • Annual QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention (Suicide Prevention Resource Center training)
    • Seminars on multicultural and diversity issues
    • Online training for communicating with distressed individuals (At Risk-Kognito training)
    • Advanced training on threat assessment and intervention (Gavin DeBecker & Associates training)
  • Responds to K-12 youth in crisis through university-age students with a K-12 Developmental Research School on campus

Website: University of Florida Police Department


Meggen Tucker Sixbey, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT 
Assistant Director, Behavioral Services Division
University of Florida Police Department
Building 51, Museum Road
PO Box 112150
Gainesville, Florida   32611-4100
[email protected]