University of Florida Police Department

At A Glance

Map of Florida with a star over the University of FloridaTotal number of agency personnel: 135
Sworn: 88
Civilian: 47

Total population served: 80,000 (students, staff, faculty, and visitors)

Jurisdiction: University of Florida

Program Highlights

  • Coordinates among many campus entities involved with student and faculty wellness
  • Features on-site support during incidents with trained university officers and crisis intervention consultants
  • Provides comprehensive training, including:
    • Intensive 40-hour mental health and crisis intervention team (CIT) training for all sworn officers
    • Annual QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention (Suicide Prevention Resource Center training)
    • Seminars on multicultural and diversity issues
    • Online training for communicating with distressed individuals (At Risk-Kognito training)
    • Advanced training on threat assessment and intervention (Gavin DeBecker & Associates training)
  • Responds to K-12 youth in crisis through university-age students with a K-12 Developmental Research School on campus

Website: University of Florida Police Department


William “Brad” Barber
P.O. Box 112150
Gainesville, FL 32611-2150
(352) 273- 3309
[email protected]