Madison Police Department

At A Glance

Image of the state of Wisconsin with a star over Madison
Total number of agency personnel:
Sworn: 479
Civilian: 119

Total population served: 254,977

Jurisdiction: Madison, Wisconsin

Program Highlights

  • Collects comprehensive data and shares non-protected information with line-level officers
  • Provides training for all officers using “scenario-based” approaches
  • Features a multi-layered approach with officers trained to be mental health liaisons
  • Employs a full-time mental health team of sworn officers and in-house crisis workers
  • Facilitates a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training program for outside agencies that include: pre-service academy CIT, in-service CIT updates, basic CIT training, and advanced CIT
  • Includes a behavioral health data analyst as part of the team

Mental Health Liaison Program
Mental Health Unit

Website: City of Madison Police Department


Sergeant Jared Prado
Madison Police Department
4020 Mineral Point Rd.
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 261-5579
Sarah Henrickson, LCSW
Crisis Worker
Journey Mental Health/Madison Police Dept.
MPD Office phone: 608- 243-0186