Policymaker Resources

The Face to Face initiative helps create meaningful, personal interactions between policymakers and people who have firsthand experience with the criminal justice system.

How Policymakers Can Connect Face to Face

Consider each of the suggested activities and resources below to learn more about the people and the issues at hand and what policymakers can do to stay involved.

  • Meet with corrections officers who are assigned to a secure facility.
  • Meet with a family who must travel a great distance to visit their loved one in a correctional facility.
  • Work with victims’ advocates to meet with people who are survivors of crime.
  • Visit with a person with a mental illness who is in prison or jail or their family members.
  • Convene local business leaders who are willing to talk about the benefits and challenges of hiring a person with a criminal record.
  • Sit in on a meeting of people on probation or parole supervision who are in recovery and live in a halfway house.