Hamilton County, OH

Improving Outcomes for Youth (IOYouth) works with state and local jurisdictions to align their policies, practices, and resource allocation with what research shows works to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for youth while enhancing public safety.

Hamilton County, Ohio, launched an IOYouth initiative in 2021 to conduct a data-driven review of its juvenile justice system. Nearly 3,000 youth are referred to the Hamilton County Juvenile Court each year, and they are disproportionately youth of color. CSG Justice Center staff will analyze case-level juvenile justice and fiscal data, examine county policies, and convene focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders. These activities will shed light on how the system currently operates, identify challenges, and determine what can be done to improve it. The effort will be conducted under the direction of the Hamilton County Juvenile Task Force, a group established by the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

The court has a long history of great work, and we are committed to being even better than we are. This review will help us determine what is working well and where we can continue to improve as a court and as a community.
Hamilton County Juvenile Court Administrative Judge Melissa Powers