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Second Chance Act Spotlight: Byron Davis, Birmingham, Alabama

Second Chance Act Spotlight: Byron Davis, Birmingham, Alabama

Byron Davis used the end of his sentence in Limestone Correctional Facility near Huntsville, Alabama, to get ready for his next step: searching for work back home in his community, just outside of Birmingham. He intended to put his conviction for dealing drugs behind him. “I don’t want to go back to that,” Davis said. “But I need to work, to make a living.”


Apply Now: 2018–19 Beyond the Bars Fellowship

Apply Now: 2018–19 Beyond the Bars Fellowship

This fellowship offers students at Columbia University and community members from throughout New York an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of mass incarceration and social change.


Best and Promising Practices in Integrating Reentry and Employment Interventions

Best and Promising Practices in Integrating Reentry and Employment Interventions

This webinar is based on lessons learned from integrating reentry and employment interventions to help people returning home after incarceration find and keep employment. The presentation is especially useful for corrections, reentry, and workforce development administrators and practitioners that are interested in maximizing scarce resources and improving recidivism and employment outcomes.


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Carson City Looks to Help Incarcerated Women

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said law enforcement officials are trying to understand how women’s experiences are typically different from men’s experiences, and that changes how they interact in a jail.

Services Help with Successful Reentry to the Community

According to the Prince William County Office of Criminal Justice Services’ 2017 Annual Report, the average pretrial daily case load increased from 352 in 2015 to 507 in 2017, saving the jail 56,894 jail bed days. And the successful compliance rates increased from 84 percent in 2015 to 89 percent in 2017.

Homegirl Cafe Offers ‘Platos’ by Ex-Gang Members with Hope

Trainees learn all aspects of culinary arts while developing social skills that create tender encounters with visitors. In addition to job training, the former gang members can take advantage of tattoo removal, anger management classes and drug treatment.

Opinion: To Reimagine the Criminal Justice System, Start with a Face-to-Face Connection

Recently, the first lady and I convened a group of state officials, judges, prosecutors, victim advocates and other stakeholders to discuss Connecticut’s progress toward improving the state’s criminal justice system. Sounds like a run-of-the-mill convening of policymakers and practitioners until you consider the venue: one of our state’s maximum-security prisons, the Cheshire Correctional Institution.