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My Borther's Keeper

President Obama Launches Historic My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

In February 2014, President Obama announced the historic My Brother’s Keeper initiative, an effort to provide greater opportunities to boys and young men of color, who as a group face disproportionate challenges and obstacles in school, with the criminal justice system, and within their communities and families.




Youthful Offenders – DC Public Safety Television

This video, aired on DC Public Safety Television and produced by Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia (CSOSA) and the Office of Cable Television, provides an overview of CSOSA’ efforts to implement best practices for [...]

Incarceration, Poverty, and the Family

This webinar from the Institute of Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison examines research on incarceration, poverty, and the family.


Just Learning

Just Learning

This new report from the Southern Education Foundation draws upon the most recent data on teaching and learning in juvenile justice systems and finds the quality of learning programs for incarcerated youth have had “little positive, enduring impact on the educational achievement of most children and youth in state custody.”

Critical Elements of Juvenile Reentry in Research and Practice

The strategies presented here support the National Research Council’s recently published report calling for broad goals to which juvenile justice reform should be directed: holding youth accountable for wrongdoing, preventing further offending, and treating youth fairly.

Blacklisted: An Update

This report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island shows that the state’s public schools last year disproportionately suspended black students at the highest rate in nine years, while white students were suspended at record low rates.

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Gainesville school officials implement new juvenile code changes

Gainesville schools have eliminated about 700 days of out-of-school suspension for students this academic year after implementing changes from the state juvenile code.The revised code was adopted by the Georgia General Assembly last year, with a Jan. 1 implementation date, and aims to reduce recidivism among truant, drug-using and other students with behavioral problems. The goal is prevention rather than suspension or prosecution.

Educators, Law Enforcement Train to Assess Threats at Schools

With the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and recent stabbings at a Pennsylvania high school in the rearview mirror, Indiana State Police’s school safety liaison focused on threat assessment Wednesday during a training session in Lake Station.

A New Tool in Schools’ Mental Health Tool Box

Using Crayola markers set on each round table, small groups of adults from the Greeley area — school outreach workers, Boys and Girls Club staff and foster parents — created poster-sized pictures of what mental health problems look like.