North Dakota Juvenile Justice Preliminary Assessment: Findings and Recommendations

This presentation to North Dakota's Commission on Juvenile Justice covers key findings and recommendations from the CSG Justice Center's assessment of North Dakota’s juvenile justice system. The goal of the assessment was to identify opportunities to better align state policy and practice with what research shows works to improve public safety and youth outcomes. Recommendations include decriminalizing unruly behaviors and developing pathways to serve these youth outside of the justice system; establishing more stringent criteria and research-based processes for system decisions, particularly detention and out-of-home placement; and more.

Josh Weber | The Council of State Governments Justice Center

About the Author

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Josh Weber
Deputy Division Director, Corrections and Reentry
Josh Weber directs the CSG Justice Center's juvenile justice program, which focuses on helping states use effective methods to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for youth in contact with the juvenile justice system. Previously, Josh spent 10 years working on
building the capacity of programs and systems that serve vulnerable youth in the juvenile justice, youth development, workforce development, and child welfare systems. Josh managed research programs for the Youth Development and Research Fund in Maryland and the Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. In addition, Josh led the development and implementation of NYC Administration for Children’s Services' alternative to placement and reentry program for juveniles using evidence-based practices. He also directed the District of Columbia’s Justice Grants Administration, which managed all federal juvenile and criminal justice grants for the District. Josh received his BA in psychology from Duke University and his MPA from Princeton University.
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