The Crime Report: NYC Case a ‘Warning Shot’ in Struggle to End Housing Bias against Ex-Inmates

It took five years of effort in federal court, but my organization, The Fortune Society just won a precedent-setting settlement of a landmark civil rights case that shows how advocacy groups can bring lawsuits against private landlords who impose blanket bans on renting apartments to people with criminal records.

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Coalition of Criminal Justice Groups Oppose HUD’s Proposed Change to Disparate Impact Rule

A coalition of criminal justice groups issued a statement today voicing opposition to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) recent proposal to amend its so-called “disparate impact” rule under the Fair Housing Act. The disparate impact rule permitted people to bring legal claims against housing policies and…

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Detroit Free Press: The Question You Shouldn’t See on Most Detroit Rental Applications Anymore

Jessica Hinojosa thinks she could prove that she'd be a trustworthy tenant if a landlord would consider how she's changed since prison. But her rental applications never get that far.

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