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The Second Chance Act Helps Keep Ex-Inmates Out of Prison

AMERICA releases 700,000 prisoners a year. Their prospects are bleak. Three-quarters drink too much or take drugs. One in six has mental-health problems. Most struggle to find a job or a place to stay. Within three years, two-thirds of them are back in prison.

Making Restitution Real: Five Case Studies on Improving Restitution Collection

Across the country, policymakers, criminal justice officials, and victim advocates are becoming increasingly attuned to the problem of uncollected victim restitution. Even when ordered by the court, restitution often goes uncollected and victims remain without the financial resources they need to […]

Criminal Justice Debt: A Barrier to Reentry

Looking at practices in the 15 states with the highest prison populations, this Brennan Center for Justice report examines new “user fees” that many states are imposing on individuals with criminal convic­tions. The report argues that these fees impose severe – and […]