The Reentry and Employment Project

The Reentry and Employment Project was developed to provide policymakers and practitioners with the resources and tools to improve reentry and employment outcomes for individuals with criminal histories. Policymakers across the political spectrum agree that for people released from prison or jail, employment can be the gateway to successful reentry. However, the barriers that millions of adults with criminal records face as they seek to enter the U.S. workforce are extensive and well documented. The Reentry and Employment Project was designed to help the corrections, reentry, and workforce development fields work together to address those barriers. 

The Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies White Paper  

Description: Tom Stickrath

The foundation for Reentry and Employment Project is the Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies white paper, which provides guidance to policymakers, agency and program administrators, and practitioners working in the reentry and workforce development fields on how to develop collaborative projects and maximize their investments aimed at shared public safety and workforce development goals. Click here to download the Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies white paper. Click here to download the Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies project overview. 



The Reentry and Employment Toolkit 

The Reentry and Employment Toolkit provides information, tools, and educational resources that can be used to foster the growth of innovative reentry and workforce development partnerships, as well as understand legal and policy related issues that affect employers or job seekers with criminal histories. The Toolkit is hosted by the National Reentry Resource Center, supported by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, and guided by the expertise of the Federal Interagency Reentry Council and an advisory group of leaders across the country.

Users can find the following information in the Toolkit:                                      

Information on Developing an Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategy or Program

Information on Common Barriers to Employment for Individuals with Criminal Records

  • Information on legal and policy issues affecting employment opportunities
  • Information on overcoming barriers to employment, including:
    • Systemic approaches to address employment discrimination based on criminal records
    • State and federal laws and policies on restoration of rights and status 

For information about the background of the project and acknowledgments of
the efforts of partners and contributors, click here.