Jail-Based Treatment (San Bernadino County, CA)

The Family Attachment Intervention Through Healing Solutions (FAITHS) Throughcare Program

At A Glance

Jurisdiction: San Bernadino County, California  

Program Intercept Point: Jail-based treatment  

Populations Served: Adults and families navigating jail systems  

Program Summary

The FAITHS Throughcare Program is a rehabilitative program for people and their families navigating through San Bernardino County’s jail system. It uses mental health professionals and safety staff from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Community Service and Reentry Division to provide multi-dimensional services to people in custody at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center, High Desert Detention Center, and West Valley Detention Center, as well as out of custody reentry services at the FAITHS community site.

FAITHS Throughcare Program

Program Highlights

  • Rooted in evidence-based practices to provide psychoeducation, counseling, and case management, as well as theoretical frameworks such as Interpersonal Process Theory.  
  • Composed of full-time staff and graduate-level behavioral science interns from university partners, FAITHS staff are certified as Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) trainers allowing them to certify other individuals.  
  • Uses a series of 12 Institutional Review Board-approved assessments to track client outcomes.  
  • National Association of Counties’ award recipient in Criminal Justice from former iteration, Parental Intervention Project.   
  • Received recognition from San Bernardino County treatment courts, several California State Senators, and on a Congressional level for developing the innovative program model.  

Website: FAITHS Throughcare Program 


Dr. Evan Thomas, DSW, MSW  
Co-Founder/Director of Reentry Operations  
(909) 753-9728

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