Specialty Court (Bronx, NY)

Empower Assist Care (EAC) NYC Mental Health Diversion Program

At A Glance

Jurisdiction: Bronx, NY  

Program Intercept Point: Court-based diversion  

Population Served: Adults (age 16 and over) with mental illness and co-occurring disorders  

Program Summary

EAC NYC Court-based Mental Health Diversion Services is a coordinated, citywide program that provides alternative-to-incarceration court monitoring services for defendants with serious mental health needs involved in the criminal justice system who may or may not also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. 

EAC NYC Court-based Mental Health Diversion Services

Program Highlights

  • A flexible program model supporting diversion through specific mental health courts, other problem-solving courts, and non-specialty courts.  
  • Involves collaboration with mental health and substance use training programs to support staffing, staff retention, staff recruitment and information dissemination.  
  • Includes a research infrastructure in support of program evaluation, quality improvement, information dissemination, and academic collaboration. 

Website: EAC Network 


Merrill Rotter, MD  
Medical Director, EAC-Network  
(914) 288-5419